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I hate you, Nintendo! ><

"Nintendo of America today announced plans to drop the suggested retail price of its portable Nintendo 3DS™ system to $169.99 in the United States. The new price takes effect Aug. 12 and makes an outstanding value even better. " Source

That’s 2000 SEK less than the previous cost of the console! I could’ve bought all Professor Layton games AND the movie with that money. Or just be 2000 SEK richer. I effin’ hate Nintendo so (/&#¤% much right now.

As comfort for those who purchased the game before August 11th they are to be given 20 games for free BUT only if they connect their 3DS to the internet and become a member at eshop and login there at least once before 11th, if not, then you just lost 20 games and 2000 SEK right there.

So, I just spent an hour trying to connect my f***ing 3DS to the internet but it just won’t work. I don’t know what the problem is and I am considering giving GAME a visit so they can do it for me. Gosh. FRIGGIN IDIOTS ALL OF THEM!

McFlurry Ballerina Kladdkaka

Nom nom

Indeed it is me in the photograph.

Teeth and things.

I had an appointment with the dentist today. My teeth hurt real bad, I can’t really chew anything. At least the teeth are making huge progress. Within six months the bracers ought to be taken off. I look forward to that.

After paying the orthodontics a visit I went to mother’s house. I managed to bring with me a rucksack and 4 bags full of clothes and my belongings. I was unable to take my winter coat with me - the only thing I couldn’t bring home to Gothenburg.

Any way, a winter coat is the last thing I need at the moment. This heat is overpowering. 

Blümchen und Ich

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Job interview

Yesterday I went on a job interview. I must say it was quite an experience. It feel it going uphill now instead of downhill for some peculiar reason.

In the doldrums

My temper is as grey and rainy as this day. Not as beautiful, though.

Theatre of Tragedy - Poppaea

Oh my goth <3