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Today there was an event taking place on Andra Långgatan in Gothenburg. It sucked.

What type of event is it? They play music, sell stuff, perform etcetera. And what happened? Ghastly music playing everywhere so there was a combination of horrible noises.

Disrespectful people everywhere! Nobody cared for anyone and during the first hour the ground was filled with rubbish. Plus, there was no way to get through!

And what was up for sale? Worn-out clothes, sausage and expensive totes. The entire neighbourhood was filled with people trying to get drunk. I was terribly disappointed and I cannot understand how this particular event has become so great.

I started the day by trying to get to Café Castellet close to Linné. When I got there it was closed. No sign, no message, nothing whatsoever to inform the customers why it was closed. I was exhausted since it took me half an hour to find the café and I was hungry! So what was I suppose to do?

Me and my boyfriend continued our long stroll along the streets of Linné trying to find another diner who served a breakfast buffet. We found none. We went as far as Kungsportsplatsen and decided to eat at Sun Wall. To my surprise the buffet costs 90 SEK, lasted until 17:00 and we were there first since we happened to be there at noon sharp. And…they served tea! Ah, salvation, thank thee Sun Wall. All though I was looking forward to those scones at Castellet, 12 dishes, tea and sushi (!) at Sun Wall made it worth the trouble finding something to eat.

3 years ago
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